7 Hair Loss Facts And Myths in Women

Bald Women for a Cause

A set of healthy hair is always the first thing that indicates beauty and attractiveness in a woman. This is why the hair care products business is a multimillion dollar industry that doesn’t look like weakening anytime soon. This just goes to prove society’s vanity over their hair, specifically the women.

How Do I Know If My Telogen Effluvium Is Coming To An End?

I sometimes hear from people who are desperately hoping that their excessive hair shedding (which they suspect is telogen effluvium) is finally coming to an end. Usually, the first thing that they notice is that not as much hair is coming out when they wash it. Next, they might see less shed hair on their clothing. Some see regrowth, but many do not. Sometimes, though, just as they get their hopes up that the decrease in shedding hair means that their TE is slowing down or getting ready to end, suddenly it will kick up again. I heard from someone who said: “I admit that I count my shed hairs. While my telogen effluvium was in full swing, I was loosing at least 200 hairs per day, sometimes more. For the last couple of days, I’ve only been shedding about 100. I was hoping that this meant this nightmare was coming to an end. But then this morning when I showed, 175 hairs came out. Does this mean that my shedding isn’t over? How do you know when your telogen effluvium is over once and for all?” I’ll try to answer these questions in the following article.

What Is a Body Hair Transplant?

The miracles of modern science allow us to live better lives as we are given more options to make our lives easier. For those who are unfortunate enough to lose a significant amount of their hair which results to permanent baldness, you know that you are now given an array of choices to remedy your condition. One particular treatment for this problem that has gained popularity over the years is hair transplantation.

What Is Normal Hair Loss?

Everyone loses hair on a daily basis. The issue at hand here is what is normal for you may not be normal for someone else. Generally speaking, the norm set for loss of hairs is 50 to 100 hair follicles on a daily basis.

Five Vitamins That Will Help You Keep a Full, Healthy Head of Hair

It’s no secret that most American people don’t eat as healthy as they should. Even though we live in what’s considered the richest country in the world, we’re still very prone to grabbing fast food or a pizza on our way home from work. Unfortunately, even though our stomachs are full, our bodies are still starving for the nutrients they need to keep all of our body systems operating properly. One place where you may notice this shortage is when your hair starts thinning.

Do Nisim Shampoo Products Work to Eliminate Hair Loss and Regrow Hair?

Are you considering using Nisim products to control excessive hair loss and / or to regrow lost hair? While it is important to recognize, not all products work for all people.

6 Cheap and Simple Ways to Stop Hair Loss

Is your hair thinning and you’re becoming concerned? Is your hair falling out in the shower, on your clothes and getting ‘stuck’ on your brush or comb? Do you see your hair thinning especially on top of your head or on the sides, whether you are a man or a woman? Below are 6 simple steps you can take to stop hair loss.

How To Prevent Hair Loss For Women

Even though hair loss is a more common occurrence in men than women, hair loss is on the rise at a rate that is alarming in women as well. Loss of hair in women is frequently as a result of adjustments in the typical hormonal balance or deficiency in nutrition.

4 Steps To Healthier Fuller Hair Naturally

How do you restore hair that has been damaged due to neglect? Well, before you go off and try every hair growth product on the market, there are some basic things that you can try first to help grow your hair and put the bounce and vibrance back into it naturally.

How To Stop Balding Quick And With Long Lasting Results

Every man and woman who has been a victim of balding is on the lookout for the best hair loss products to reverse the condition. The good news is that hair loss is very common and owing to this, tremendous progress has been made in defining remedies for balding.

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