Derma-roller For Hair Loss (what is the BEST needle length for hair growth?)

Use Nioxin Follicle Booster To Thicken Hair

Suffering from hair loss? Nioxin is widely known as one of the most effective brand of products for treating thinning hair. Find out if Nioxin could work for you!

How Your Thyroid Can Affect Your Hair

Are you a woman who has been experiencing puzzling hair loss and would like to know more about why it is happening? Have you ever considered that it might have something to do with your thyroid?

7 Common Myths About Hair Loss in Women

Have questions about women’s hair loss but see too much incorrect information floating around? Check out this article for some common myth debunking!

What You Will Find in Viviscal Hair Vitamins

Viviscal is a specially formulated all natural vitamin that helps to promote hair growth and at the same time improving hair condition. For those afflicted by hair loss due to aging, stress, and other factors will experience proven positive results when partaking in supplementing with Viviscal hair vitamins. Below you will find a list of the main ingredients and the amount of milligrams your body will be receiving when taking a dosage of 2 tablets daily.

Latest of Hair Restoration Technology: The Neografting Hair Transplant

Neograft Hair Transplant may sound like a new hair restoration technique but this is in fact a machine that improves the efficiency of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). But despite its list of benefits, there are a number of concerns and issues surrounding this technology.

Ladies Going Bald – Grow Hair With Brainwave Entrainment

Losing hair isn’t just for men. Women have hair loss issues too. Brainwave entrainment can stimulate parts of the brain that release just the right hormones needed to start hair growth again.

Hair Loss: Causes And Remedies

Hair contributes greatly to our looks and appearances. The aspects of hair that affect these elements include their colour, neatness, distribution and even length.

Do Hair Transplants Work?

Balding is one of the challenging things to cope up especially when it impairs your social life. That is why it is only understandable that we seek drastic measures in order to remedy this problem. One of the most effective methods to treat this problem is a hair transplant. And it has grown widely popular among those who we might consider to be “follicularly challenged.” But does it really work? Is it a good option? And is there a criterion in which you should follow to be considered a good candidate for this procedure? These are usual questions that you are probably on, so let’s tackle on them one by one.

Hair Replacement: 10 Top Tips for Hair Replacement Maintenance

In this article I have listed the 10 stages needed to perform a perfect refusion/Re-bond for your hair system. Hair clubs will charge you a fortune to perform this task and although certain aspects of cleaning your hair system can be challenging, with practice it will save you thousands.

Hair Loss: Beating The Genetic Code

The first signs of hair loss can be terrifying. Our hair is part of what defines our identity. If you have discovered you are beginning to bald there is no need to panic. With a preventative and proactive attitude, anyone can address and treat hair loss.

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