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Treatment for Hair Loss Using FUE Hair Restoration/Transplant

Losing your hair is a blow to the system, especially when it starts to change the way you look. If you look at the history of hair loss patterns of your parents and close relatives, then the fate of your own hair must seem inevitable. The sooner you seek out hair restoration treatment, the better the outcome as starting hair loss treatment early means that you will have fewer years of worry, watching your hair disappear down the plug hole.

Hair Loss (Alopecia) – Causes And Treatments

Hair thinning or hair loss is common among women averaging hundred hair strands of loss in a day. That said, medical conditions or alopecia is more common among men. Causes for hair loss depend on many factors including physical environment, emotional stressors and even health conditions.

How To Maximize Hair Growth Using Castor Oil

Falling hair is a common problem that affects almost all kinds of people – young or old, rich or poor, men and women. This may be due to the presence of harsh chemicals in some shampoos, conditioners and hair care products that majority of people use every day. Or this could also be attributed to hereditary, the presence of chronic illnesses like cancer, or as a part of postpartum stage in women after giving birth.

What Are The Options Of Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is done through three processes such as FUT, FUE, and scar revision. All of them have their own pros and cons. Therefore, you should know every detail about the procedure while taking the decision. Read More…

What Is Laser Hair Therapy?

Laser hair therapy is a non-invasive procedure for men and women. Those suffering from hair loss may consider this treatment to regrow and stop further loss.

The Benefits Of Follicular Unit Extraction

This article will help you to know how beneficial FUE is and how you can be benefited from this procedure. After reading this article you will know all the know how of FUE.

Arrest That Hair Fall With Expert Guidance

Losing hair on the scalp is the most frustrating problem and the only way to deal with this head on is to get to the root cause. Once the reason for the excessive hair loss has been established, the best way forward is to stick to the program prescribed by the specialist.

Surgery And Other Options For Hair Restoration

Modern Hair Transplantation has developed a highly valued and most effective solution for hair restoration to bald zones by redistributing one’s own hair. The surgical planning of this procedure has greatly evolved since its inception. The new surgical planning and resources work with ideal candidates as well as approach new avenues for hair loss treatment for diagnoses other than male pattern baldness.

Save the Barber: How to Save Your Chair After a Bad Haircut

Sometimes your barber gets it wrong. Instead of taking your business elsewhere, learn how to patch things up with a few simple communication techniques.

Non-Surgical Hair Transplant Alternative That Can Stop Further Hair Loss

Hair transplants are basically stressful surgical procedures that require a lot of resources as well as emotional investment. A non-surgical hair transplant literally means an alternative to a surgical hair transplant which can provide cosmetic embellishment until the time is right for a proper transplant.

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