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Dandruff – Causes and Cure

Dandruff is a common problem worldwide. It is the shedding of dead cells from the scalp and it causes constant embarrassment in public. Experts say that dandruff affects at least half the population worldwide and commonly affects teenagers. Though harmless, it can cause itching, redness of scalp and hair loss in few cases. Dandruff is treatable most times with the right products and a little care. There are a lot of home care tips and products like shampoos that are directed towards controlling dandruff.

FUT or FUE? Choosing the Right Hair Transplant Option

A Brief Look at the Procedures – There are subtle similarities between the two procedures along with their differences. To start off, local anesthesia is administered to the scalp to ensure that no pain sensation is experienced by the person undergoing the transplant. The hair follicles are obtained in a different manner in the two transplant surgeries.

After A Bout Of Hair Shedding, Does The Hair Always Grow Back Fine And Thin?

“My primary care physician thinks that my hair loss is telogen effluvium because we introduced a new medication into my regimen. I have talked about this to some of my friends and one of them told me that when she gave birth, she had this condition and she said that her hair came back miniaturized afterward. She said her doctor told her that everyone’s hair comes back more thin in this case. I’ve read just the opposite. I’ve read that since telogen effluvium doesn’t shrink the follicles and only affects your hair loss cycles, you don’t have to worry about miniaturization with this type of shedding. Who is right? Does miniaturization always happen? Or does it rarely or never happen?”

Stop Hair Loss for Good

Hair loss is a very common trend in today’s world. There are many things you can do to combat this problem though. The answers are in your diet, the products you use, and your general health level.

A Few Effective Tips For Woman’s Hair Regrowth

If you are a woman, your hair would be one of your most prized assets. In the ideal world, you would not want to start losing hair, more so if you are young or at a vulnerable stage in your life. This is because the health of your hair has a significant bearing on the way you appear. The social stigma associated to going bald can be really frightening and motivate you to search for effective solutions if you are experiencing this rather distressing trend.

Why Would My Hair Be Shedding Worse Four Months After It Started?

“Everyone who I have talked to about my telogen effluvium told me that it would get better and that it would most likely end within three months. Well, I suffered through three months of torture but I tolerated it because I was told that better times were just over the horizon. I was so looking forward to having my hair back and not having to worry about this anymore. I counted down the days until the three months would be over. When four months arrived, I was so happy. Imagine my shock and disappointment when my hair loss actually got worse in the forth month. Why would this happen? Most people get relief by this time.”

Know Your Hair Loss: Different Types of Alopecia

Alopecia is the medical term for hair loss. There are a lot of hair loss treatments that cater to different types of alopecia, and a lot of these promise hair regrowth.

What Hair Loss Says About Your Health

Sometimes losing your hair is just losing your hair without any deeper meaning or reason. Other times, losing your hair can be triggered by some health factor within your body. Good health is the key to everything working like clockwork in and outside your organs. So when your beloved mane begins to fall off, you can easily ignore it thinking it is genetics, and as long as there is Hair Transplant, you will get another full head in no time.

How to Combat Hair Loss for Men

Hair loss and general cases of it are a common experience for men. Even though this is the case, there are tons of things we can do to slow it down or have it stop to begin with.

Chosing the Best Clinic for Hair Transplant

With the state-of-art technology in the field of hair transplant hitting the ground everywhere, searching for the most appropriate hair transplant procedure is extremely pertinent. There is no need for an individual to go for artificial wigs and hairpieces, because one can have his own natural tresses that grow. Therefore, we want to extend our hand to help you choose the best clinic on the basis of the following points.

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