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Using Minoxidil for Women’s Hair Loss and Hair Thinning

Brief overview about how minoxidil can be used to treat hair loss. Specifically the use of minoxidil to treat female pattern baldness and generalized thinning of women’s hair.

Tips To Deal With Hair Loss Effectively

Hair loss can be caused either naturally or by means of an ailment. A male hormone known as androgen is the most causative agent of hair loss, through hair thinning. This may result in hair growing in a messy pattern, or even worse not growing at some parts of the head. This issue causes psychological distress to many, as well as impaired social functioning.

The Effects of Hard Water on Your Hair

If you live in a hard water area and your hair is suffering from stress then you may have a build up of minerals in your hair. If this is the case you need to find a good clarifying or chelating shampoo to give your hair a really good clean.

How To Have Healthy, Thick, Beautiful Hair

Every woman dreams of long, beautiful hair. Women who want healthy hair should remember to start their hair care from the scalp.

How to Beat Hair Loss and Regrow Female Hair?

Women find it more difficult to come to terms with hair loss than men because it causes them more psychological distress. In many women, it can also impair social functioning.

I Think I Started Losing My Hair Because I Was Upset – That’s Over Now – So Will My Hair Improve?

“Last year, my fiance called off our wedding and moved away. One day, I was looking forward to marrying the great love on my life, and the next day, he tells me that he doesn’t love me anymore and that he is leaving town. It was hard enough processing the fact that I had to tell everyone that our wedding was called off. But then I had to accept that my best friend was in my life one day and gone the next. I felt like someone had died. I felt like I didn’t have my footing. I will admit that I just shut down. I stopped eating and sleeping. Even going to work and functioning normally was a struggle. Eventually, my family got me to a good therapist and this helped a lot. A year later, I am picking up the pieces of my life. But it is more difficult when I have to look in the mirror and see how much hair I have lost. My hair started shedding a couple of months after he left me. And although it has slowed down a little, it hasn’t stop. Will my hair loss end because my depression has ended?”

Why Should You Consider A Full Coverage Ladies Wig?

If your hair is thinning and you’re considering ways of boosting hair volume, density and length, you might have already investigated lots of hair restoration options. These can include non-surgical, surgical and topical methods. Some procedures are short term, others are long term. Of course, one of the most popular ways of permanently boosting your hair is via hair transplant surgery.

A Guide to Choosing the Right Hair Loss Clinic

If you have noticed that your hair is thinning, then you might be investigating several hair restoration options. Our article below will help.

If I Have Telogen Effluvium Shedding, What Ingredients Should My Hair Loss Products Have?

We want to feel like we are doing something to help our hair recover. And this is where the search for the perfect telogen effluvium shampoo comes in. Many people will look for “natural” ingredients or a shampoo that doesn’t have sodium laurel sulfate, thinking that perhaps this ingredient may have been what started the shedding in the first place.

General Reviews Verses Fake Reviews in Hair Transplant Category

You will find both general reviews and fake reviews in hair transplant category. However following few witty methods can help you distinguish between the two.

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