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My Shedding Hair Has Become So Dry And Brittle – Why?

I often hear from people with long term or chronic telogen effluvium who can’t help but notice a troubling change of texture in their hair. Often, they describe their hair and brittle, dry, or flyaway and they want to know what they can do to make it look better. I heard from someone who said: “my hair has been shedding horribly for about seven months. I’m pretty sure that I have chronic telogen effluvium because my hair started shedding after I lost a lot of weight. My hair has become very dry, brittle and fly away. What is causing this texture? And what can I do about it?” I will try to address these questions in the following article.

Foods That Help Prevent Hair Loss

There are many women out there who dread having the thought of losing hair. If you happen to be one of those women who are looking for hair loss remedies, then this might be something of interest to you. You see certain foods can help you in preventing hair loss. Read further for more information.

Best Hair Lost Treatment – A Few Things You Should Know

Dealing with hair loss, and finding the best hair loss treatment. This can be a difficult time in your life and it is important to understand your options. The recommendations in this article are based on personal research.

Are There Any Effective Hair Loss Treatments Out There?

We’ve all seen it. Different products claiming that they can treat your hair loss effectively unlike any other products out there. But are there really products out there that you can rely on? Read further to learn more.

Is There a Natural Way to Reduce Hair Loss?

There may not be a single natural remedy to stop hair loss in all women, however there are steps you can take in order to reduce or stop hair loss. So what are the steps you can take to help reduce or stop hair loss? Read further.

Top Reasons Why Women Lose Their Hair

Hair loss is very commonly experienced by women. There are many reasons why women are more likely to lose their hair. In this article, you will find some of them and how you can enhance your hair growth.

How To Make Hair Grow Longer Using Natural Methods

Everyone loves a smooth, long, black hair. As the song goes, ‘I love to touch that long black hair’. But not everyone has the capacity financially to support that condition of hair loss. The article will show the natural methods of having a luxurious hair.

How To Make Your Hair Grow Longer Faster And Better Than Ever Before

Hair is an epitomy of a crown. Your own crown that is lying there in your head. Imagine losing that crown. Would you not be ashamed?

Simple Effective Ways To Make Hair Grow Faster

There is an end point for the growth of our hair. It is a terminal point where the hair just stops growing whatever you do. These steps are effective ways when followed diligently to achieve a terminal point of hair growth.

How Do You Make Your Hair Grow Faster? With Food

Food is the basic foundation of great, healthy looking hair. The nutrients provided for intake of healthy food makes up for how the hair will grow faster and longer.

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