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Stop Hair Loss – Be Happy With Your Hair

There are a wide range of reasons why men and women start to lose their hair. Modern medicine has produced all kinds of treatments, and on the cosmetic side, there are very extreme treatments such as hair transplants. This is becoming more and more popular. But is this really necessary?

What Causes Hair Loss? – 7 Potentially Serious Reasons

Hair loss is a quandary anyone and everyone can be caught up with. “What causes hair loss?” is a question you can probably answer with uncountable number of reasons with all of them pointing towards the same fact. This article on What Causes Hair Loss aims at highlighting all the different causes for hair loss.

Warning Signs With Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss can occur not because of one reason but many factors can combine and account for this disease. Causes of baldness in males and females can be various. I have covered most imperative dynamics in this article. So keep reading and you will get to know all about the causes of baldness.

Best Reasons For Hair Loss

  If one day you wake up to realize that you have ample strands of hair on your pillow to make you cautious or you leave the soap bar in the washroom with broken hair stuck on it or even if you see your comb tangled with hair, then it must be leaked you that you are suffering from hair loss. However, as no other problem is solved by lamenting about it, same applies to baldness. Like a wise man once said: knowing the reason can solve half of the problem, if you be acquainted with…

Make Your Own Flax Seed Hair Gel Using 8 Simple Steps

Have you tried making your own all natural hair styling gel right in your own kitchen? If you would like to know how I make my own hair gel, this write up will give you a clear picture. Throughout my grow hair journey, I have been having an adventurous and fun time exploring many natural ingredients to make hair recipes. One of my favorite is this one – flax seed hair gel recipe which my kids have a really good time playing with as well!

How To Repair Damaged Hair At Home

Hair loss is no doubt one of the most common health concerns faced by both men and women all over the world. There is serious money being spent by people to regrow hair or prevent them from falling but if everybody paid a little attention to some simple things they would probably avert the problem of turning bald. In this article let us discuss about some of the things you can adopt in your daily lifestyle to keep your hair healthy and strong.

How to Prevent Hair Breakage

It is so frustrating! Every time you run your brush through your hair, you hear hair strands breaking, and you just KNOW that here comes some more frizzies! Ugh! Shampoos loaded with chemicals we can’t pronounce, hair coloring treatments, and curling irons are just added to genetics and nutrition to reasons why hair ends up in the brush and on the floor instead of staying where it is SUPPOSED to be-on your head!

7 Myths About Hair Loss In Men

Male pattern baldness or hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by males by the time they reach 60. There are some who start losing hair at a younger age. Although men don’t overreact on their hair loss, it affects them in a similar way like women.

Smoking and Drinking Can Affect the Course of Your Hair Transplant Surgery

Whether your smoke or drink alcoholic beverages recently may be some of the questions that you will be asked before you undergo hair transplant surgery. Some physicians have even taken to asking whether you take any herbal supplements. It seems that many patients fail to see why these are relevant questions, they are very important to ask though for successful surgery however.

Vital Hair Supplements To Restore Hair Loss

If you are losing hair at a fast pace then chances are that your friends have recommended you to use hair supplements to prevent hair loss. This is mainly because a large number of people rely on the vitamins and mineral to treat baldness, instead of opting for a hair transplant surgery.

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