Female Hair Loss Vitamins

Is Hair Loss Hereditary?

If you have a receding hairline it is probably not caused by factors in your life such as stress, medications and other situations in the environment. If you are losing ground with a diminishing hairline it’s a good chance you have pattern baldness. This is hereditary and it can affect both males and females. There are several options you can look into to slow down or actually start seeing re-growth of your hair again.

Hair Transplant Results: Will People Be Able to Tell?

Will people be able to tell you’ve had a hair transplant? Find out the best ways to ensure that they won’t.

Hair Loss Treatments You Will Love

Hair loss is a very common problem in men and women. Millions of people are fighting hair loss in one way or another. The good news is there are numerous treatments available to choose from.

How Much Does A Hair Transplantation Cost?

Hair transplantation surgery ultimately replaces and/or restores a person’s natural hair line, especially if they’re susceptible to various kinds of hair loss. The surgical nature of the procedure lends to it costing a lot, particularly if a person has the procedure done in their home country. The high costs, however, don’t deter most people from getting the surgery done.

Is It Possible To Have Thinning Temples With Telogen Effluvium?

I heard from someone who said: “my hair has been shedding for about nine weeks. I started a new acne medication and I believe that this caused my telogen effluvium. That makes the most sense to me because I don’t have any family history of baldness. However, when I was talking about this to a friend of mine, she mentioned that my temples were noticeably thin. She said that women should not have receding or thinning temples and when they do, this is more indicative of androgenetic alopecia. Is she right? Can you have telogen effluvium and still thin or shed at the temples?” I’ll try to answer this question in the following article.

Most Common Causes of Hair Loss

There are many physical, genetic and environmental factors that affect follicular growth on the scalp for both men and women. Although there are many reasons for the cause of this condition, some are more common than others.

Guy Tips: Effective Male Hair Loss Treatments

Hair loss not only affects your scalp but your entire body as well. Quite a lot of factors could be attributed to hair loss like heredity or as a result of any medical condition.

Top Hair Care Tips From Experts

Unhealthy hair may affect your appearance and cause more problems than you can imagine. Brushing, washing, and using Moroccan oil products may keep these problems at bay. Read on to know more about proper hair maintenance.

What You Need To Know For Hair Donation

One of the greatest acts of kindness a person can perform is to donate their hair to a less fortunate individual. Here are the details that you need to know if you are considering such an act.

Get Rid Of Hair Loss

Are you losing hair? Do you have no idea how to deal with it? Are you looking for some helpful tips? If so, this article is for you – keep reading.

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