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10 Hair Care Myths And Facts Exposed

We’ve heard all the old wives’ tales: brush your hair one hundred strokes every night before bed to make it thick and healthy! Cut your hair regularly to make it grow faster! Here, we’ll tell you which, if any, of these tales are true, and which ones are pure myth.

Preventing Hair Loss With Chinese Herbs – Is It Possible?

For centuries, Chinese medicines have used a selection of potent herbs to treat hair loss conditions and several other health problems. Different herbal formulas prescribed by the ancient Chinese methods have been tested and known to have legitimate results.

Male and Female Hair Loss Anxiety

Hair loss can be a natural process. Today’s economic climate does little to relieve stress and anxiety that can lead to hair loss.

Breaking News: Can a Laser Really Regrow Your Hair?

Hair loss is something that is not uncommon, what is uncommon however is the use of lasers for the treatment of hair loss. We give a detailed overview of this novel hair loss treatment with a key focus on the question: Can it really be used to regrow hair?

Top 5 Reasons Men Choose Hair Transplant Surgery

Hair transplant surgery has become increasingly popular over the years. This article demonstrates the top 5 reasons why hair loss suffering men choose to undergo today’s state of the art hair transplant procedures.

What Role Do Hormones Play In Hair Loss?

Regardless of what you do to take care of your hair, you have to go through the cycle of losing and growing hair like everyone else. Even those who have a full head of hair, lose as many as 50-100 hair strands in a day, which is normal.

Some of the Vitamins and Foods That Help in Hair Growth

Are you tired of experiencing stunted hair growth? If yes, then it is time to look out for those vitamins and foods that help in hair growth. As far as growing of hair strands is concerned, protein is known to play a major role and what this means is that if the food you eat on daily basis do not contain enough protein, then you will continue to experience stunted hair growth.

DHT: Is It The Main Culprit For Hair Loss In Men?

If you have been noticing thinning hair, or hair strands falling out at an alarming rate then there are various reasons that might contribute to this problem. Along the various reasons that cause hair loss in men, one of the primary causes is DHT.

Concealing Hair Loss – The Ideal Solution to Baldness

Millions of people throughout the world, both young and old suffer from hair loss. Hair loss can be embarrassing to anybody and can even adversely affect a persons self confidence. There are many different reasons for hair loss apart from male pattern baldness, including age, genetic make-up, styling damage, lifestyle and stress among other things.

Use These Simple Hair Growth Tips To Stop Losing Your Hair Effectively

Hair loss is a common problem that may happen anytime in your life. If you are suffering from it, you can learn how to stop losing your hair effectively. This article will show you some effective methods to keep your hair healthy.

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