I’m Losing So Much Hair With Chronic Telogen Effluvium I’m Afraid I’ll Go Bald

I heard from someone who said “my hair has been shedding terribly for eight months. I’m assuming that this is chronic telogen effluvium or CTE because it’s gone on for much longer than six months. And, it is just as bad today as it was when this whole thing started. I have seen no improvement whatsoever in the number of hairs that are falling out. It doesn’t matter what type of shampoo I use or what I eat or how I groom my hair, I am always going to lose an alarming amount of hair every single day. It is at the point that I’m worried that I am eventually going to go bald. My hair is so much more thin now than it was when this all started. And I find myself wondering how much worse this can possibly get. Because at this rate, I worry that eventually I will go bald.

Hair Loss Cure? Recent Discovery of PGD2 (Prostaglandin D2) Brings Hope For Ending Hair Loss

Scientists at the university announced that they have identified unusually high concentrations of the lipid (fatty acid) compound called Prostaglandin D2 (PGD2) in non-hair bearing areas of balding scalps. Investigating further, they determined that PGD2 appears to inhibit hair growth when binding to the GPR44 receptor. Thus, the potential for new scientific breakthroughs in treating hair loss is quite possibly over the horizon. Read this article for more information.

Stop Hair Loss/Baldness: Get To The Root Of The Problem

Hair loss in men is a common phenomenon, affecting the majority all males at during their lifetime. No matter how much men try to camouflage the condition, the truth is untimely hair loss or male pattern baldness has the potential to give sleepless nights.

Understanding The Nature Of Alopecia

What is Alopecia? How do we prevent this? How does it happen? Learn and understand how Alopecia works.

Hair Replacement Options for Men

With men’s hair loss being widely associated with the ageing process it is only natural to want to find ways in which to prevent and treat the problem, whatever the cause may be. With great advances in technology and innovation it is now easier than ever to do this both effectively and affordable.

Lifestyle Tips for Healthy Hair – Part I

This article will provide some excellent practical tips on keeping your hair healthy. You will be able to learn ways to maintain very good healthy hair if you follow these tips.

How To Prevent Further Hair Loss In Women

Did you know that almost 50% of women also suffer hair loss? It could be alopecia, which is hereditary, medication, menopause, pregnancy or even stress. If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, check out these tips below to help you prevent from further shedding more hair.

Hair Replacement Therapy

Hair laser therapy can take on several forms. The first is the use of laser light to stimulate the scalp area. The laser light is applied to the scalp in two ways – a comb or through an apparatus that looks like a salon hair dryer. This type of laser treatment is non-invasive – no surgery is involved. But, there is also a laser hair therapy that grafts hair – this IS a surgical procedure so be sure you know which one is being offered.

What You Need To Know About Women’s Hair Loss

Twenty percent of women suffer hair loss at the age of twenty, forty percent in their 30’s and fifty percent when they are in their 50’s and above. So what can possibly be the cause of losing hair? Read further to find out why and how to stop it.

I Think I Have Telogen Effluvium – I’ve Started Shedding Short Hairs – Why?

I often hear from people who can’t help but examine the hairs that they are shedding when they believe that they have telogen effluvium (which is commonly referred to as TE.) Not only do many people count the hairs, but many look very closely at the length and also at the ends to see if they have any bulbs or markings. They often have questions about what they are saying. I heard from someone who said: “I’ve been noticing that lately, most of the hairs that I am shedding are very short. Much have blunt ends. Why could this be happening? Does this mean the hair that I am regrowing can’t be maintained?” I will try to answer these questions in the following article.

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