High Collagen Bone Broth Recipe For Healthier Hair, Skin & Nails.

Do You Have To Be Really Sick To Get Telogen Effluvium?

I heard from someone who said: “a couple of months ago, I got what I thought was a regular cold. I tried to rest and hoped that it would pass, but it didn’t. Then, my cough started to get deeper. I am prone to having bronchitis when the weather changes, so I really didn’t worry about it. I didn’t go to the doctor because I was busy at school. My illness continued to linger even though I tried to be patient. Eventually, things became so bad that I knew I had to make time to go to the doctor. It turns out that I had pneumonia and I became very ill and lost a lot of weight. About three months after that, my hair started falling out. From my research, I suspect that the reason I’m shedding hair is because of telogen effluvium. This is a miserable situation. My hair doesn’t even resemble its former self. My hope is that this will be over soon and my hair can start to recover. Since I’m prone to bronchitis, am I now going to start shedding hair every season when I get sick?” I’ll try to address this concern below.

Hair Loss – How To Increase Hair Growth

Hair loss is a problem most people will have to face at some point in their life. This problem affects both men and women. The thinning of your hair or slowly going bald is generally not caused by a disease. However it could be the indication of another problem. Hair loss can be due to several other reasons including stress, poor diet and your environment.

Hair Loss – Can Changing Your Diet Promote Hair Regrowth?

Naturally treating you hair loss problem is one solution to promoting the regrowth of your hair. There are a number of safe and effects methods inwhich this can be achieved. So what are some of these methods? You may be surprised by what some of these hair loss treatment methods are.

Hair Loss – Why Does It Happen?

Hair loss is a reality for many people. It can start to happen early in your adult life. For many people it is a normal part of aging and it affects both men and women.

A Quick Intro To The Causes of Hair Loss

There are other factors that can cause you to lose more than this, and in some cases the hairs don’t grow back. The most common cause is due to male pattern baldness, which is hereditary, and caused by specific sex hormones.

Various Methods Used By Hair Transplant Doctors

There are two ways that most hair transplant doctors extract a donor’s grafts. Different practitioners work differently, but most strive to provide the same type of results.

7 Tips To Get Hair To Grow Faster

Some people claim there is no quick fix for making your locks grow faster; others have made their living making, marketing and selling hair growth products for people who suffer from hair loss. If you wish for long locks but are having troubles keeping your tresses looking lovely, there’s good news for you: having a healthy head of hair provides the illusion that it is longer than it actually is.

How To Choose a Men’s Hair Style For Thinning Hair

Hair loss or thinning hair is a common problem that millions of men face all around the world. It can make you feel depressed, sad, self-conscious, and just all around down. Hair loss can happen to us at any age but is most common in a man’s 30’s and 40’s.

Simple And Effective Tips In Maintaining Beautiful And Healthy Hair

A woman’s hair is one of her biggest assets. Find out how you can have beautiful hair by applying these helpful tips.

Haircare and Hair Loss

It’s not uncommon for people to want to take care of themselves – skin regimens, hair routines, and not to mention all the products. But can these products and haircare regimens trigger your hair loss?

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