How to Deal With Baldness in Women – Stimulating Hair Growth – Part 3

Hair Loss? Blame Your Hormones And Your Genes

Hormones and Genetics play major roles in hair loss. Male and female hormones can be factors as well as one’s race. Though much scientific research has been done, there are still some processes and phenomena which are poorly understood. The exact genetic programming that leads to alopecia being passed on in families needs to be researched further.

Hair Replacement: Tips on Maintenance for Hair System Wearers

I have been wearing Hair Systems for about 10 years now and was a client of a large hair replacement company. I got so fed up of paying inflated prices for the cost in maintenance not to mention buying replacement systems that I decided to find an alternative way. I decided to self maintain my systems which at first I found difficult but with persistence and many trials and errors I have developed a few easy tips that I want to share that will help other hair wearers escape the clutches of expensive Hair Clubs.

Synthetic Hair Transplants: Are They Safe?

Excessive hair loss or androgenetic alopecia causes significant distress since it brings a negative image to the person affected by it. Aside from the social stigma baldness has, it also brings to most people that sense of insecurity and maybe even shame. However, nowadays there modern science has introduced a lot of measures and treatments to help relieve the hair loss problem. But one of the most popular and controversial is hair transplants.

Hair Thickening Spray – General Information

Should you use a hair thickening spray? Ever wondered how do they work, will they work for you, and what are some of the conditions required before usage? We look at all of those questions, and answer them, in this article.

Hair Loss Causes And Natural Remedies

Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by men and women all over the world. Almost every individual suffers from hair fall at some point in his life and in today’s living environment even young people in their early twenties are turning bald. In this article let us discuss about the causes of hair loss and some of the alternative remedies you can use to prevent or stop further loss of hair.

Hair Thickening Shampoo – How Do I Choose One?

Have you ever wondered how you should go about choosing a hair thickening shampoo? Wondered who you should ask, what information you should get, and which price range you should look in? Stop wondering, and keep reading, because in this article, we answer your questions!

Stop the Emotional Pain of Hair Loss: Three Powerful Steps to Taking Control Now!

Most people do not notice their hair loss until there is a 50% loss. Seek help now, take control, and start treatment for hair restoration. Hair loss is devastating. Often, someone suffering from hair loss will avoid seeking help with their hair loss due to fear and embarrassment.

The Five Main Reasons Your Head Is Itching

There are numerous different problems that might make you scratch your head like crazy. Let me detail the five most frequent symptoms and possible methods that might decrease your physical distress.

Three Dramatic Benefits on How to Start Re-Growing Hair Today

Are you concerned about hair loss? If your hair is thinning? Did you know you can stop hair loss and re-grow hair using three steps that are unmatched by any hair treatment programs in the marketplace?

Causes of Alopecia and Treatment Options

The causes of alopecia (also known as hair loss) range from hereditary baldness to serious medical conditions such as alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, and hormone imbalances. Treatment options for hair loss are as varied as the causes.

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