How To Deal With Hair Loss (how to cope with hair loss as a woman)

Hair Breakage and Hair Loss

One thing that no one looks forward to or appreciates is looking in the mirror and seeing bald patches – no matter how thick or strong the hair that was once in its place was – but there is no need to go straight in to panic mode – this could happen for all different reasons, and for all causes there is a suitable solution! On average, one loses 50-200 hairs a day, which sounds like a lot, but the average human head has 100,000 strands with new ones growing daily to replace those that fall. The…

Being Proactive About Hair Loss

In my previous two articles “Hair Loss: Beating The Genetic Code” and “How Your General Health Affects Hair Loss”, I discussed how to lower the influence of genetics on hair loss and dietary/lifestyle measures you can take to fend off baldness. In this article I will talk about how to be proactive in treating your hair loss and choosing the right course of action moving forward.

How Your General Health Affects Hair Loss

In my last article Hair Loss: Beating The Genetic Code, I discussed steps that can be taken to diagnose hair loss before it gets serious and steps one can take to fend off baldness before it begins. In this article, I will address the affect your overall health can have on your hair.

Hair Loss Care

Hair covers most of the scalp, and consists of a very large number of hairs. Each hair has its roots embedded in the skin and stalks that protrude above the skin. The role of hair is twofold. Hair is covering the head and has a protective function because it prevents heat loss. Hair serves as a decoration too. Therefore, the hair should be treated carefully and in case of need, appropriate treatment should be taken.

How To Make Hair Grow Faster With a Healthy Diet

In this article, I will talk about a natural way to help you grow your hair thicker, stronger and healthier by adjusting your diet. A balanced intake each day will improve not only your general body but the entire hair condition as well.

Growing Your Hair Long Naturally Takes Commitment, Discipline, Tender Loving Care and Patience

How many times have you had your hair snipped too short? To make you feel worse, did your hair stylist then advise you to keep your hair short anyway as it was dry, a little frizzy and had split ends? As for me, I felt my self-confidence being thrown out of the window.

Artificial Hair Transplantation – FUE Hair Transplant

Hair loss occurs in both men and women and is as a result of the following factors: weak roots, dandruff, age, genetic composition, improper diet. There are various methods or treating hair loss, but if the cause of loss is the genetic factor, then it can only be treated by artificial hair transplant.

Is Aloe Vera Good for Hair, Or Is That Just a Myth?

Is aloe vera good for hair, or is it just a myth? Millions of people suffer from hair loss and are in search for the cure, or help, for their problem.

Hair Systems: How to Find the Best Hair System for You!

There are many different hair systems available today. To find the best hair system to meet your hair loss and hair replacement needs you need to ask the right questions and know what you want. Not all hair systems are equal. This article gives you tips on what to think about before you visit your hair replacement centre so you can ask the right questions.

Causes Of Androgenic Hair Loss In Women

Androgenic hair loss in women is caused by Androgenic alopecia. Androgenic alopecia occurs in both men and women. It occurs as balding in men and hair thinning in women. When there is an increase in the number of strands that falls off when you comb your hair, then you most likely have Alopecia.

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