How to Prevent Hair Loss after Pregnancy – Working With Your Hair – Method 2

5 Key Vitamins For Hair Loss In Women

Vitamins for hair loss in women are becoming more and more popular as many women are trying to address problems of female thinning hair and women’s hair loss through alternative means such as by taking vitamins, rather than buying commercially produced women hair loss treatment products. This article will reveal 5 key vitamins you should be taking.

Are Women Hair Loss Treatment Products Reliable?

Unfortunately the loss of hair industry is rampant with scammy products, and women hair loss treatment products are no different. This comes as no great surprise given the numbers of complaints and horror stories being discussed online in forums and blogs providing details of hair loss treatment remedies gone wrong. In this article we will discuss ways to avoid women hair loss treatment product disappointment.

Hair Replacement – How To Choose The Correct Hair Density, Texture, Colour For Your New Hair System

In order for your Hair System to look and feel completely natural its vital that the Density, Texture and Colour of your own hair is assessed and matched perfectly to the hair used to create your system. In this article, I wish to give you a little bit of technical information that helps explain the terminology used in assessing hair.

Hair Transplant Case Study – One Man’s Latte Factor

Larry, 24, is a part-time college student in New York, putting himself through community college by working at a local coffee shop mixing de-caf, half-caf, double-caf, non-fat lattes, extra foam 2-Splenda soy macchiatos, mochas and expressos in tall, grande and vente sizes. Known for his gregarious personality, ability to make small-talk while making coffee and for remembering what each customer drinks, Larry has his regular clientele that come in each morning for coffee, oatmeal or the newspaper.

The Big 4 Hair Loss Causes

Did you ever experience looking in the mirror and notice that receding hairline? Yes did I hear you answer? This is an alarming state for a lot of people these days, and all the more reason why they always look for the best possible hair loss treatment.

Hair Loss: How to Choose the Right Products and Avoid Wasting Time and Money

Hair loss sufferers are bombarded with so many advertised products that we can easily waste time and money in an effort to stop our hair from falling and stimulate its growth. I certainly wasted much of my time and money, so I learnt a few tricks to avoid such waste and help my hair stay in its place!

Choosing the Right Base for Your Hair System

There are 4 main base materials that are used in creating hair replacement systems. Each have pros and cons and it’s really down to the wearer and their lifestyle as to which is the perfect choice for them.

Wearing A Hair Replacement System

Hair loss is a condition faced by both men and women. It is often caused from medical conditions, medical treatments, male pattern baldness or other causes. It is not a pleasant situation to face for anyone. It leaves very few options and one must face it head on and either live with the hair loss or consider hair replacement.

When to Opt For a Female Hair Transplant

A female hair transplant is necessary only after a specific baldness incident is correctly diagnosed. Other diagnoses may require simply waiting for a hair growth cycle to resume naturally.

Male Pattern Baldness: What Is It and What’s the Cure?

Male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair loss among men. Discover the true cause of this condition and the best treatment options.

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