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Possible Solutions to End Hair Loss

Hair loss is very common among both men and women, and is caused by many different factors. Whether it be genetics, an unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, stress, it is crucial to identify what parts of your life may be contributing to your hair loss, and what you can do to reverse and prevent further hair loss. Take time to evaluate your average day and see what might be triggering your hair loss, and if any of these solutions may be right for you.

4 Practical Ways You Can Do To Grow Hair Long Fast

My hair is slow growing – what does this mean? In a nutshell, this can simply mean my scalp is not as healthy or in the best tip top condition that it should be. This leads to my hair also being unhealthy and not in its naturally best condition so that my hair grows at naturally optimum or fastest speed.

Healthy Hair – Herbal Tips for Improving Your Hair’s Health

This article mainly focus on hair growth tips for those with hair loss problems. First, support a nutritious diet with some properly chosen health supplements.

Prescription Medication May Be Cause of Hair Loss in Women

Although medication-induced hair loss is common, many women are not made aware of this potential side effect when handed their various prescriptions. Even if it’s not listed as a side effect, any medication can cause hair loss, breakage or change in texture in some people.

Hair Falling Out With a Little White Bulb at the End

A small white bulb at the end of a fallen hair is not, in itself reason for concern. The white bulb is not usually noticed until, or unless shedding becomes excessive–prompting one to examine their fallen strands. The size, shape, color and condition of the bulb can provide valuable diagnosis information to the examining hair loss professional.

Determining the Cause of Female Hair Loss Can Be Complicated and Complex

When we are not well our hair will suffer. It may become dry and brittle, dull and lifeless, tangled and unmanageable. It may lose color and shine… and worst of all, it may begin falling out in an abnormal manner. One of the reasons that female hair loss is on the rise is because we are experiencing sub-optimal health — and may not even be aware of it.

The Power of Olive Oil and Shea Butter!

If you ever wanted to stop hair shedding and dryness, Olive Oil and Shea Butter is the trick! Immediately, these two products stopped my hair from shedding due to color treatment.

Does Birth Control Cause Hair Loss?

Oral contraceptives and other forms of hormonal birth control can trigger hair loss disorders such as telogen effluvium, androgenetic alopecia and alopecia areata. It is not uncommon for teenagers and young women to experience hair loss after using certain birth control methods including the pill, patch, injection, implant and vaginal ring. Although many women use these products without any serious side effects, there is no way of knowing how one will respond until the medication has been used for several months.

Vitamins That Are Used To Prevent Hair Loss Can Cause Hair Loss

Selenium, vitamin A, iodine, copper, alpha lipoic acid and other nutrients can lead to hair loss when taken in excess. Nutritional therapy can have a profound effect on one’s hair as long as nutrients aren’t consumed in a haphazard manner. Balance is the key when using vitamin supplements for hair loss.

Low Level Laser Therapy: Effective Hair Loss Treatment?

Low level laser therapy has been a debated treatment for hair loss by patients and expert physicians alike for years. This article attempts to provide readers with the varying views on laser therapy and answers the question as to whether or not low level laser therapy can slow down, stop or reverse hair loss.

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