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Real Hair Wigs Vs Synthetic Wigs – Which Is Best?

Buying a wig can be a major investment for most people. Should you opt for a synthetic hair wig or stretch the budget and buy a real human hair wig? We can help you answer this based on your preferences as an individual.

Wig Care – Human Hair Wigs

Thanks to recent advances in hair and wig technology, the craftsmanship involved in the manufacture of human hair wigs has now reached standards that can only be described as exceptional. This article describes for the wearer the importance of looking after these wigs correctly.

Ladies Wigs – The Myths and Truths

How do you know who to believe when looking for a ladies wig? How do you know what to believe? Our article hopefully reveals all.

Is It Really Possible To Be Shedding Out Around Five Hundred Daily Hairs With Telogen Effluvium?

I sometimes hear from people who have been told or suspect that they have a certain type of hair loss, but they can’t help but notice that their shed pattern doesn’t completely fit with their suspected type of loss. Sometimes, they are shedding less than what might be typical and sometimes they might be shedding more. An example of this type of concern might be something like: “I have been losing massive amounts of hair for about five weeks. My hair loss is most noticeable at my crown and bangs. One of my friends says that since I have patterned loss, it’s most likely that I have androgenetic alopecia. I researched this condition and I’m very hopeful that I do not have it. I don’t want to be balding as a woman. I admit that my loss does appear to have a pattern to it. But I am losing around 500 hairs per day. Isn’t this type of shedding too aggressive for androgenetic alopecia?”

Learn the Causes and Ways to Combat Hair Loss or Baldness

This article gives information about the causes of baldness and hair loss. It also briefly summarizes possible treatment options for those suffering with baldness.

Natural Hair Growth – How To Promote It

Natural hair growth can be encouraged by using and performing some practical solutions. Pay attention to your diet and take good care of your mane to ensure proper growth of your strands.

Hair Loss Problem Affects Both Men and Women

This article gives information about the problem of losing hair, its causes and a number of options for hair loss cure. It also discusses its psychological effects to the person and the difference in terms of the patterns of hair loss in women and men.

Get Your Natural And Beautiful Hair Back Through Transplant Surgery

Having a good hair transplant clinic really helps to get your natural and beautiful hair back. This article discusses about getting affordable hair transplant solutions.

Get Rid of the Unwanted Hair – Effortlessly!

What does it take to get clear skin and get rid of unwanted hair? All it takes is the right set of tools and good information about how to do it. Once you are equipped with these two things, you are good to go. However, always ensure that you check the product suitability for your skin, for there are some products that may not suit your skin type.

Different Types of Alopecia

Throughout my career I have come across many cases of Alopecia (bald patches) in varying degrees of severity. My job is to work around the hair and give a haircut that can cover the areas as best as I can.

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