What Are the Signs of Female Hair Loss – 9 Signs of Hair Loss in Women

Hair Growth Pills – Do They Work?

Hair growth pills are all over the internet, in magazines, and everywhere else. All the manufacturers claim that they work, but do they? We look at how you can tell which products will work, and which may be a waste of money.

Beautiful Hair in a Hurry

As a mom I always have to go somewhere. I can only describe my mornings in one word “multitasking”. I bet some of you also share this feeling with me. In the morning I barely have time to brush my teeth and drink some coffee, let alone do my hair. It’s always very tempting and easy to just put a baseball cap on your head.

Why Is Grape Seed Extract For Hair Growth Effective?

There are many health benefits of using natural supplements, but did you know that using the grape seed extract for hair growth is one of the safest and most effective substances you can use? Whether you suffer from a genetic disease that causes you to lose your hair, or if you suffer from alopecia or nutrient deficiencies, this strong antioxidant can work wonders in your body. It can stimulate certain biological and chemical effects in your body which are beneficial to reducing the signs and symptoms of this condition that generally occurs as you age.

All Natural Hair Loss Treatment

Hair loss is caused by a change in hormone levels in the body. These hormone imbalances inhibit the metabolism of androgen, a hormone that when combined with testosterone produces DHT (Dihydrotestosterone). The presence of DHT in the human body is the main cause of hair loss.

Hair Loss in Women: A Natural, Inexpensive Cure?

Hair Loss can be devastating, especially for women; however, because women have a different hormonal make up than men, they have some great ‘natural weapons’ at their disposal. This is one of them.

Severe Hair Loss – A Solution Worth Considering To Make Your Hair Grow

Statistics reveal that two out of three males will begin losing their hair when they reach the age of 60. Nevertheless, due to hereditary factors or hormonal disproportions, some go through baldness as early as their teen years. While avoidance is a wiser move than getting a transplant, the possibility of combating hair loss is at its highest when a solution is applied during the beginning phase of the disorder.

Follicular Unit Extraction: Questions and Answers

When searching for a hair restoration solution, it is difficult to know which type of hair transplant is the best option. Here are some common questions and answers regarding one of the most popular methods, follicular unit extraction.

What You Can Do to Stop Your Hair Falling Out

No matter whether you are a man or a woman, the fact that you encounter different hair falling out issues relates to a very serious situation. None wants to have thin air especially because it can easily make a person look much older than he or she actually is.

Top Reasons For Hair Loss – Why the Heck Is My Hair Thinning?

The reasons why both men and women experience thinning hair are numerous and varied. Several possible culprits could be to blame here. These include lifestyle factors, genetics, age, hormonal imbalances, and your daily environment, among others.

Hair Loss: Understanding DHT and Why It Isn’t All That Bad!

When it comes to that one culprit that causes male pattern baldness DHT or dihydrotestosterone always comes to mind. But do you really know this hormone and what it really does to your body? And how come it has issues with your hair? DHT is one of those things that you need to brush up on if you want to understand your hair loss condition better.

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